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  • Does my child have to live in Warren Township or attend Warren Township schools in order to participate in WTFC? Absolutely not. We welcome families from all over into our community so that they may receive the best instruction and mentorship that any youth football program in the state has to offer.
  • Are there tryouts? No. Every child who registers with WTFC will be placed on a team.
  • What ages may participate in WTFC?: We are currently accepting registrations from grade levels of kindergarten (if physically and mentally ready to compete) through sixth grade. Those grade levels are based on what the student's enrollment status will be for the upcoming school year.
  • May girls participate as well? Absolutley! #GirlPower
  • Does my child have to get a physical? No. However, we do believe it is important to keep your child up-to-date with annual physicals and wellness checks. Please use your best judgment when deciding if your child’s physical condition allows them to participate in any/all aspects of the programs we offer.
  • What equipment do I need to provide? Your child will need football cleats (no metal spikes), mouthpiece, chin strap and a protective cup (if desired). As for helmets and shoulder pads, the league has these available to rent if you do not choose to provide your own. Please refer to equipment rental fees during your registration process. A jersey will also be provided as a part of your registration fee but water/drink cups and uniform/practice pants will be the responsibility of the parent to provide.
  • Do we get to keep the equipment that we rent? No. All rental equipment must be returned to WTFC once your season ends. Please make sure the equipment is cleaned and sanitized upon returning. You may keep game jerseys.
  •  I changed my mind about participating, can I get a refund? All the money provided for registration and equipment fees goes to improving the quality of our facilities, equipment and activities for our players. In an effort to always upkeep the quality of our league for our children, we do not offer refunds.
  • I have siblings in the same division, will they be allowed to play together? Yes. We always place siblings who are in the same age group onto the same teams.
  • Are family discounts available? Yes. Please refer to the discounts listed during your registration process.
  • Can my child be on his friend's team and may I request a specific coach? Our focus is to make each team fair and balanced so the kids can get the most out of their playing experience. While friends may sometimes end up on the same team together, we can not guarantee this placement. We do accept coaching requests but we can also can not guarantee this placement.
  •  How do you pick teams? We conduct a draft similar to the NFL (without the big money contracts and bad suits). Our goal during each draft is to make each team within each division evenly matched based on talent and ability.
  • If my child is on a specific team one year, will he remain with those coaches and players next season? We can not guarantee that players will be kept together as they get older.
  • Are coaches certified and are background checks done? All coaches are to be USA Football/Heads Up Football certified. All league volunteers are also subject to background checks.
  • How can I be more involved? We love your enthusiasm! WTFC can't run without the members of our dedicated community. Each week we need volunteers to help run chains on the sidelines during games. There are also other volunteer options including coaches and team moms. Please find the volunteer tab under our "about" section or list your desire to volunteer during the registration process.
  • Can my child be held out of a game due to missing practice? We know that unforeseen circumstances come up, however, safety is our main concern. If a coach feels lack of practice time has left a child unprepared or vulnerable to injury, he or she may choose how to proceed at their own discretion. We will do what is best for the player and/or team.
  • Is my child guaranteed to play? Yes. Every child who has attended the required amount of practices during the week should play in games. Dependent upon team size, each player should start on at least one side of the ball.
  • Where are practices located? Practices are currently held at Creston Middle School on the CMS practice football fields located directly southeast of the tennis courts. Practice dates/times will be assigned at the discretion of your specific coach.
  • Where are games played? The majority of games will be played on Saturdays at Warren Central High School on the fields located directly west of Warrior Stadium. Some games including Monday night games and championship games will be played inside Warrior Stadium as a reward/great experience for the kids for all of their hard work. Elite/Travel team games or games featuring inter-league play may be played at alternate locations. Please refer to your team-specific schedule.
  • How long is a typical season? A typical WTFC season starts with camp/workouts/draft/practices in July, with the regular season starting in August and playoffs/championship/awards wrapping up in October.
  • Will there be all-star teams after the season? WTFC is known for playing in and winning in many prestigious post-season all-star tournaments around the state of Indiana. All-star teams to represent Warren Township will be constructed for each division to compete state-wide after our season officially ends.
  • Is there financial assistance available? WTFC is in the process of establishing groundbreaking scholarship opportunities pioneered by the many successful alumni of Warren Township as well as the many great businesses in our community. Stay tuned for more details. If you'd like to contribute or have a scholarship named in your honor, please contact us here.
  • Do you offer refunds?  We do not offer refunds for children.  If a situation arises, we can transfer the child to another team.
  • How can I become a sponsor? View our many sponsorship opportunities by clicking here.

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